Slawendorf Neustrelitz

17235 Neustreliz

Öffnungszeiten 2022

Vom 1. Mai bis zum 30. September und bei Veranstaltungen

Mo - Fr 10 - 17 Uhr Einlaß bis 16 Uhr

Vom 01. Oktober bis zum 31. Oktober

Mo - Fr 10 - 16 Uhr Einlaß bis 15 Uhr

Alle Angaben vorbehaltlich erneuter Pandemie-Maßnahmen.


The Slawendorf Neustrelitz presents itself!

Starting roughly from the 7th century into the midst of the 12th century, Slavic tribes settled in the county of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. To date, town names attest to the Slavic influence. In memory of the Slavic times, constructions on the Slawendorf Neustrelitz were started in November 1994 near the lake Zierker See.

Slawendorf Neustrelitz

The area of 1.4ha is restricted by a picket fence consisting of about 1400 logs on the land side and by a 200m long wattle fence on the lake side
On site there are numerous differently arranged buildings and shelters that are built in the Slavic style. In our beautiful worship hall, there is a small exhibition where you will find amongst other things a replica of a Slavic boat. To get an overview of the village and enjoy the beautiful view, our visitors can mount the 18m high watchtower.

In the year 2021 Slawendorf Neustrelitz enters its 24th season! Since its opening on 16 May 1998 approximately 661 497 visitors have visited our facility. Visitors come from all over the country, but also from many European countries and even from quite far away countries such as the US, Chile, South Africa and even Australia!
Especially families with children, school groups, tour groups and handicapped people are among our visitors, watching ancient crafts being exercised by our staff or have a go at it themselves. The terrain is suitable for the blind and partially sighted and furthermore all entrances are wheelchair accessible and suitable for pushchairs.
After the tour, you can find refreshment at the BBQ where grilled meat, hearty soup, classic lard sandwiches and a little vegan Offer are served. Our delicious bread is baked in a clay oven.
At the entrance of the village you will find disabled toilets, toilets, the village's shop, a kiosk and rustic seating. One of our main attractions is the Slavic boat Nakon, which lies ready for you to take a ride on the lake Zierker See. Children may join in on the paddling to support the joyous ride.

We are looking forward to your visit!

At long last a few impressions out of Neustrelitz and the "Slavs-village" in a little video:

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